It’s Easy Being Green: Eco-Friendly Meetings

Grand Rapids is one of America’s greenest cities, so it’s the perfect place to impress your organization with an eco-friendly event. From strategically placed recycling bins and green paper products, to a program that donates leftover food rather than wastes it, we’ll work with you to make your event more environmentally friendly.


To help reduce the effects of events on the environment, the Amway Hotel Corporation offers:

  • 100% post-consumer fiber writing pads and printing/copy paper
  • Access to recycling containers in or near meeting rooms in many of the hotels
  • Meeting rooms set with water service in pitchers or coolers rather than plastic bottles
  • Boxed lunch containers made of recycled materials or reusable thermal lunch boxes, including biodegradable cutlery kits and napkins
  • Organic, sustainable, and natural food and beverage options
  • Organic flower options
  • Linen-less banquet buffet tables made of 49% recycled aluminum that are 99% recyclable and linen-less Classroom style tables with a collapsible courtesy fold
  • Safe-to-donate food and waste is donated to Spurt Industries. Spurt's mission is to find alternative uses for organic waste products, reducing the need for landfill space and preserving and renewing the environment.
  • Energy efficient lighting throughout meeting areas