Let's Talk

At the Amway Hotel Corporation we offer each of our planners one, central contact to handle all of their needs and to ensure that every step of the event planning and implementation processes go as smoothly as possible.  We're able to offer three different hotel brands in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan that are well-positioned to accommodate any event needs someone might have, from different price points to aesthetic options. Whether you want a venue that's historical, luxurious or comfortable and economical, you'll only deal with one contact for a smooth, seamless planning process.


Beyond the walls of our hotels, our guests are always amazed by the big-city feel that radiates from this friendly, walk-able, medium-sized market. Grand Rapids is clean, vibrant, picturesque and economically robust. It's also affordable and service-oriented—treating people right is just part of the city's culture. When you put it all together, you get a convention campus that's so attractive and convenient, people are awe-struck.


So much more than a destination, Grand Rapids is a family and we welcome all our visitors with open arms.  We invite you to explore, interact, and become part of our vibrant, culturally-rich city. 


Think of me as your Grand Rapids ambassador and feel free to contact me with your questions or comments. 


Ron Brondyke
Vice President & Corporate Director of Sales